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Corporate History


In February 1996, Indigo was established independently as an Internet technology-driven Web services company by students from the University of Tokyo and others (Mr. Taizo Son and his friends) who were involved in system direction and development at Yahoo Japan in the summer of 1995. A collection of Java applets (Java Rom), the first of its kind in Japan , was developed and launched for sale.


As a Web systems integrator, the company started providing total services, from website design to system development and operations. The company developed a number of portal sites for information distribution and e-commerce websites.


In collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation, a joint venture, Data Stations, was established to provide server hosting services to SMEs ( Small and Midium-sized Enterprize ) (equity ratio: 45%).


In collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation and Softbank Corporation, a joint venture, Bewith, Inc., was established to provide call center services (equity ratio: 60%).

In collaboration with Softbank Corporation, a joint venture, i-Builders Co., Ltd., was established for Web development specialized in Web-based service planning (equity ratio: 60%).

The company acquired shares of ONSALE Japan K.K. (currently GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.), a joint venture between Softbank Corporation and ONSALE Inc. (USA), which first introduced the online auction business into the Japanese market, and provided management support, including changes in the business domain, as one of its major shareholders (equity ratio: 60%).


The company established the Business Development Division and started providing Internet business incubation and Web business consultation services.


The company was split into Indigo Holdings Co., Ltd., which provides support for management of affiliated companies, and Indigo Corporation, which focuses on system integration, enabling us to focus on our original business.

By changing the Business Development Division to the ASP Division, the company launched ASP services using proprietary systems and started licensing technologies, centering on EJB component technologies.


The company became independent from Mr.Taizo Son, the founder and the owner, because the current management purchased Indigo Corporation's business from the company's major shareholder, Indigo Holdings Co., Ltd., through an Management Buyout (MBO). The former Magic Pod Co., Ltd., was acquired by the current management, and the employees, assets, and goodwill were transferred to the company. The company name was then changed to Indigo Corporation, while the former Indigo changed its name to Frontier Groove, Inc. The company reorganized the business structure into a system with three business divisions consisting of the SI Division, CSP Division, and MSP Division, and specialized in SI, CSP, and MSP-combined services.


Deliverables from R&D activities on Rich Internet Applications, Commerce Finder and Rich Commerce Interface were released.

A research paper was presented in a session entitled, “Development of Location Based Search Engine Using goSVG” at SVG Open 2004, which was organized by an international academic society mainly conceived by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Keio University.


RTM (Release to manufacturing version) versions of InfoDyne, and DocuDyne, Office XML ⇔ XML DB linking solutions, were officially released as a result of R&D on XML databases.


The company acquired SMS business (the international gateway services for Short Message of the mobile phone) from Toyotsu Syscom Co., Ltd., and started providing gateway services to the United States , the Philippines , Brazil , Korea , China , and Europe .


In addition to the existing 3 divisions, the company has established a Service and Solution Division that will conduct both the service business where the company plans, develops, and operates the services the company provides, such as the international SMS service and the solution business where the company plans, develops, and sells products from its research and development in XML and other technologies, products such as the Dyne series, and SVG map solutions.
This new organization consists of 4 divisions enable the company to convert its technologies and ideas into its own services and solutions and to provide them to the market.


By incorporating Microsoft products into DocuDyne based on ISV Royalty license program agreement with Microsoft Corporation, the company is able to provide an all-in-one license package integrating Microsoft products. In addition, the company promotes a strategic collaboration with Microsoft Corporation in the ECM market.

The company completely renewed its international SMS services for WorldDyne, adopting a new payment platform. The company expanded its international SMS services with new added-value services such as international calls, international LOAD, international pre-paid calling gift cards, and etc. Also, the company began providing the payment platform used in WorldDyne as a versatile payment and point system available via OEM contract.

The company has been selected as a member of such public committees as the SVG JIS Standardization Review Committee and the PI Standard Review Committee and is contributing to the standardization and dissemination of SVG and SVG Map.

The company began providing the WebGIS solution package, Map MashUp Manager. By adopting SVG Map as the basic architecture, we achieved the same level of functions as existing WebGIS solutions while at the same time making it database-less and requiring only “operation skills on par with sharing files”. This is a significant improvement on the problems with existing WebGIS solutions.